Dr David Hatchuel

Practising from Rosebank Clinic, Dr M David Hatchuel is a specialist surgeon, oncologist, and gastroenterologist who takes pride in providing you with compassionate, meticulous service in the most holistic way.

Dr David Hatchuel

Surgery - Oncology - Gastroenterology

Dr David Hatchuel is a specialist with over 30 years of experience in the medical field. He’s passionate about ethical, committed, and dignified care for all his patients. Going above the call of duty, he ensures you’re as safe and comfortable as possible, that you make informed decisions, and receive the quality treatment you deserve.

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083 462 2764


Suite 15, Rosebank Clinic, 14 Sturdee Avenue,
Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

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Services Offered

Abdominal Sepsis & Appendicitis

Trust Dr Hatchuel to help you with any abdominal issues like appendicitis, inflammations of the gallbladder and bowel; enterocutaneous fistulae, or peritonitis.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Reconstructing the abdominal wall is an intricate surgery, mainly to repair hernias, scars, and damage from prior surgeries. Getting this surgery improves the structure and function of the abdominal walls.

Surgical Oncology

Dr Hatchuel uses surgery to diagnose, stage, and treat cancer, as well as to help take care of certain cancer-related symptoms. Get experienced, personalised cancer care from an expert on thyroid, parathyroid, breast, and bowel cancers.


Dr Hatchuel can skilfully remove organs, perform complex surgeries, or diagnose unexplained abdominal pain with this minimally invasive surgery.

Emergency & Elective Routine Surgery

For surgeries that can be scheduled in advance, like mole removals and varicose vein treatments, or for sudden emergencies, Dr Hatchuel’s here for expert surgical interventions.

Medico-Legal Reports

Dr Hatchuel is here to help you win the best possible outcome for your legal case with solid medical opinions, supporting you with professionalism and diplomacy through the whole process.

What Patients Have Said

To dear Dr Hatchuel
There are really not enough words for us to truly express our deep level of GRATITUDE both my mom and I feel towards you.
You are a rock and an angel to us in our very hard journey with my Precious Dad.
Thank you for being so special, kind, emotionally supportive to us.
You are truly an angel sent by HASHEM and I Thank You for all you are doing for my Precious Dad.
With huge Gratitude

Shelly and Daphne

Doctor David M Hatchuel is very supportive and have a lot patience in listening to your problem. He understands and treat accordingly. He also does follow up about the condition.

Ravi Kolapalli

Dr Hatchuel is by far one of thee best surgeons ever. He not only saved my life,but his delicate approach to the way he handles his patients are amazing, I would recommend Dr David Hatcheul to anyone that needs to see him. His the Best!

Veena Morar