Medico-Legal Reports

Medico-legal reports are evaluations written by medical professionals and used in legal cases when medical knowledge is needed. They’re often required when you claim for personal injury or medical negligence.

Dr Hatchuel is here to help you win the best possible outcome for your case, supporting you with professionalism and diplomacy throughout the whole process.

What’s in the report?

The report usually includes the circumstances of your medical condition, medical history, details about your treatment plan, and the doctor’s opinion on your progress. Legal firms and solicitors will use this evaluation to support your case in court or other legal situations.

Dr Hatchuel’s expert opinion will support your claim in describing the illness or injury, explaining how it was caused by the incident/circumstances complained of, and being clear about the extent and duration of the symptoms. He may also recommend other medical treatments or research.

When would I need a medico-legal report?

Your lawyer or solicitor would get in touch with Dr Hatchuel, providing all the necessary details of your case for an expert medical opinion and assessment.

Dr Hatchuel can assist with:

  • Civil court cases
  • Criminal court cases
  • Employment tribunals
  • Family court cases
  • Personal injury/insurance cases
  • Clinical negligence cases

Clear, succinct, and ethical medical reporting

In legal situations, it’s especially important to have well-written medico-legal reports that strengthen the case with conviction and authority.

Dr Hatchuel’s reports are sharp, to-the-point, and are guided by the ethics of righteousness and transparency. He writes so that almost anyone can understand the complex or specialist medical issues in question—accessibility is key to a strong case! This saves the solicitor time, and helps the court make informed decisions.